Welcome to Aussie Tyre Quotes

Our mission is take the hassle out of buying tyres by providing an easy-to-use online portal that gives value driven vehicle owners access to local tyre stores for competitive tyre quotes and provides genuine qualified leads to tyre stores.

We are a proudly Australian owned and run company offering a nationwide,  100% independent service.

Our story

Community is at the core of our business

We want to improve the quality of peoples lives by using innovation and technology to release your most valuable commodity – time. At Aussie Tyre Quotes we believe in making it quick and easy to make the choices that will keep you safe on your adventures, enjoying the freedom and fun of time spent with the ones you care about the most.    

Aussie Tyre Quotes uses intuitive, technologically advanced platforms that help to provide people with choice, value and efficiency. We ensure the service providers receive real customer leads and the correct information to help them provide the best offer and service.

As we are 100% independent, we create an even playing field for all tyre stores that use our platform. We strive to find better solutions that are particularly noted for their efficiency and reliability and that bring best value and choice.

Our goal is to put choice at your fingertips and release your time for the things that drive your passions.

How it works

Aussie Tyre quotes is an internet-based sales lead generator and customer funnel for customers requiring tyres and car batteries.

From our main site aussietyrequotes.com.au customers simply click on the suburb they wish to get the quote. The customer is then invited to fill out a form outlining their tyre requirements with mandatory questions such as; name, phone, email, car make and model, number tyres required, and optional questions such as; tyre size, budget and when the tyres are required.

The forms are sent to a location centric mailbox and the quote requests are then sent on to the tyre shops listed with Aussie Tyre Quotes within a radius of that area.

Providers then have the opportunity to contact the potential customer with a quote for the tyres required and also highlight any additional services, offers or discounts that make them stand out from the competition.

Aussie Tyre Quotes currently offers their service for free. Paid products may be introduced at a later date.

Our process

Generate Leads

Through our comprehensive brand awareness and marketing campaigns we generate website leads.

Collect customer details

Quote specifics and customer details are collected through our online form.

Quote referrals

Customer details are passed directly to our providers for follow up to secure the sale.

Making a connection

As a registered provider with Aussie Tyre Quotes you’ll get genuine customer leads acquired from aussietyrequotes.com.au sent direct to your inbox. Generate more business by converting those leads into sales.

Prompt Quotes

The early bird catches the worm! Timely quotes go hand in hand with our hassle-free service offering, and are proven
to have a higher quote-to-sale conversion.

Offering Value

Multi-buy offers, price guarantees, customer loyalty or referral discounts? Offering value guides customer decisions and instills buyer confidence.

Additional Services

Free tyre alignment or a free tyre care plan? A little extra can set you apart from the competition and secure you the sale.

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